MDRejuvena - Rejuvaphyl

Phytochromatic MD™ Complex, formerly known to our friends and patients as Dermachromatic, began with an idea in 1998 hatched by Peter Dorogi, Ph.D. and his colleague John McCook. The two scientists wanted to combine chlorophyll and laser energy to treat and possibly even prevent acne. Our own, David Vasily, MD, a well-known expert in the field of laser treatment and therapies, was brought in to test the concept.
Over a decade of research, laboratory development and clinical evaluations, led to the discovery and identification of a unique, botanically-derived copper chlorophyllin compound and a topical delivery system containing this complex, for the treatment and prevention of both the textural and color changes seen with age and sun damage.
The copper chlorophyllin complex ingredient that was initially intended to be used as an inert ingredient for use with the laser, turned out to be a high powered anti-aging molecule capable of dramatic improvement of redness, skin surface texture, firmness and elasticity.  It was the science behind what would become MDRejuvena.

By 2015, refinement of product formulations, five independent clinical studies, and distribution in our office and select aesthetic practices has lead to the introduction and launch of the Rejuvaphyl™ brand products containing the Phytochromatic MD Complex technology by MDRejuvena.

The newly packaged, expanded line is available at Aesthetica and is being distributed nationally by a team of highly regarded medical skin care experts at MDRejuvena.