Excel V Laser

The Cutera Excel V system is one of the most versatile lasers at Aesthetic Cosmetic & Laser Center. With three different laser modes—a powerful 532 nm KTP laser and two 1064 nm Nd:YAG laser—we can treat a wide range of skin conditions including:
  • Port Wine Stains
  • Rosacea
  • Leg Veins
  • Facial Blood Vessels
  • Cherry Angiomas
While power and versatility is one if this lasers strengths, its ergonomic design offers both, the patient and physician additional benefits. The ultra-light handpiece gives us extra maneuverability and the wide, sapphire window delivers enhanced visibility and consistent contact cooling. With contact cooling, the patient can comfortably receive the right amount of heat and cooling during the entirety of each pulse. This allows for better protection to the dermis throughout the procedure.

Green Light Laser - 532 nm Mode

While in this wavelength mode, we can treat the superficial blood vessels including small spider veins, cherry angiomas, reduce redness and port wine stains—finer vessels close to the skin's surface. The high-energy, short pulse green KTP laser has increased selective control in targeting the specific treatment areas versus its surrounding structures. Because many facial vessels are very fine, the area requires a short pulse width and high energy to focus on the treated vessels. Learn more about Green Light Laser technology in the Cutera Excel V.

Long Pulse 1064 nm Mode

The long pulse 1064 nm mode is popular choice to treat more challenging vascular conditions, typically those that require deeper laser penetration including leg veins, periorbital blue veins, hemangiomas and nodular port wine stains. The 1064 nm wavelength provides deeper penetration than 532 nm or pulsed dye lasers, and the Excel V laser delivers sufficient energy to allow independent control without compromise of fluence, pulse duration, spot size, or repetition rate. 

Laser Genesis

The microsecond 1064 nm treatment, also known as Laser Genesis, is an perfect to diffuse redness, rosacea, and scars, as well as an excellent skin rejuvenation treatment. This patented procedure targets the micro-vascularity with microsecond high-peak-power pulses, reducing superficial skin reddening, while stimulating new collagen.

This laser mode on the Excel V has shown improvement in a appearance of various forms of scars. The greatest benefit of this fast-pulse, high-power laser is it's zero downtime and minimal discomfort. This one procedure offers a multi-purpose, all-season, all skin type solution for overall skin health.