Deeper Wrinkling and Skin Laxity

At Aesthetica, we have multiple devices available to improve the deep wrinkling, laxity, poor skin tone and texture that can be present in the face and neck areas as we age.  The Exilis Ultra™, a unique combination of radio frequency waves (RF) plus ultrasound waves (US),is one of these devices. The RF waves provide heat energy, and the US waves provide vibration and a vasodilating effect which allows for an even distribution of intense heat, resulting in less pain.

Facial Remodeling

This occurs through 2 phases.  First, the focused heat energy from the RF waves provides a "controlled" damage to the collagen fibers.  Second, the body's natural healing process begins to "repair" this damage by actively producing new collagen fibers.  Over the next several months, a dramatic improvement in skin density and dermal thickening will occur.

Treatment Protocol

Facial laxity can be treated with 2-4 treatments depending on the severity of the condition being treated.  Treatments are performed 7-14 days apart.  It's imperative the patient follow this treatment schedule.

Treatment Times

Full Face 45 minutes - 1 hour
Lower Face 30 minutes - 45 minutes
Neck 30 minutes - 45 minutes

Radiofrequency body contouring with Exilis Ultra™ in Combination with the Vibration Technology of Cellutone™ greatly reduces unwanted body fat.

At Aesthetica, we have a new treatment for body contouring which combines Exilis Ultra™  with a new technology called Cellutone™. Fat cells are stored in the body in clustered lobules that are similar in appearance to a bunch of grapes.  These clusters are wrapped in a fibrous tissue layer which holds the clusters together, and makes it virtually impossible to reach these fatty clusters. Cellutone™, with its vibrating technology,  rattles the fat lobules out of their fibrous cage; the fat is then blasted with the RF heat energy. This ramps up the metabolic activity of the fat cells, killing some of the cells and shrinking the size of others. Cellutone™ is then used again to further loosen these fat cells helping the body's lymphatic system to flushe this fat from the body through increased blood flow and increased lymphatic drainage.

Learn more at the Exilis website.

Exilis Treatment Before and After

Watch the Exilis treatment being performed and learn about its application to non-surgical skin tightening. Includes the story of an actual patient from Aesthetica Cosmetic & Laser Surgery Center.