Fractional Laser Resurfacing

Fractional laser therapy can reduce wrinkles and tighten skin. Certain areas of skin can be treated more effectively by fractional laser therapy than by Radio Frequency procedures. These include the jawline and "jowl" areas.

Fractional laser therapy works by targeting patterned areas of the skin with pulses of laser energy, damaging small areas of skin below the surface while leaving the majority untouched. This promotes the body's own natural healing mechanisms, which results in a more youthful, healthy, collagen-rich, treated area.

The keys to the effectiveness of a given fractional laser procedure is how deeply the laser targets and at what density the patterned treatment is applied. Now, the culmination of years of research at Aesthetica Cosmetic and Laser Center has led to the development of a new handpiece called the 1540 HEX™ or XD handpiece.  This handpiece non-surgically targets and tightens skin, particularly around the jowl, and works to reduce the appearance of scars and wrinkles.

The 1540 HEX has also shown effectiveness in reducing the appearance of mild to moderate scars.  The Palomar Icon 2940 Erbium hand piece is also used for a variety of fractional resurfacing applications.
The latest addition to our fractional laser therapy is the Lutronic eCO2 laser, which has rapidly established itself as one of the best fractional CO2 lasers in the world today.  This laser is useful for tightening of lax eyelid skin and rejuvenation of sun damaged skin.