Product and Device Patents

Dr. Vasily has spent a lifetime supporting and advancing research.  He holds the following patents: 

Spectrophotometer - Method and Apparatus for Laser Removal of Hair
Canadian patent application #2,290,760
U.S. patent #6,514,242
U.S. patent #7,029,469

Color Cosmetic Compositions for Topical Anti-Aging Skin Treatments
U.S. patent #8,298,555

Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin - Skin Treatment Compositions Containing Copper-Pigment Complexes
U.S. Patent #8,303,984
U.S. Patent #8,303,985
U.S. App. 2010/0247630; 12/813791 (Notice of Allowance February, 2014)

International Patent Applications

PCT/US10/53430; WO2011/050102 - Dermatologic and Cosmetic Compositions and the national stage filings for such patent application in the U.S.A., the EU, Japan and Korea:

United States: 13/502,709
Japan: 2012-535344
Korea: 1020127012983
Europe: 2010825625

US Trademark Applications