Viora Reaction

The Viora Reaction® anesthetic system is a body contouring system that works to tone and tighten skin, resulting in diminished wrinkles and fine lines as well as reducing the appearance of sagging skin. The technology behind Reaction is CORE™ (Channeling Optimized RF Energy) that offers different RF frequencies for a variety of treatments.

Viora Reaction also incorporates vacuum therapy to increase RF energy penetration, helping to reduce fat cell volume in the process. Viora Reaction has FDA clearance for body contouring. Its combination of the bipolar RF device with multi frequency and vacuum therapy offers a high level of control and precision to target specific depths in the treatment area for more visible results almost immediately.

The technology behind the Reaction treatment method offers better results in fewer treatment sessions compared to past body contouring procedures. Little to no discomfort is associated with the treatment and side effects are typically minimal or non-existent. 

At Aesthetica, we use multiple devices for our procedures. The Exilis™ RF treatment also is an excellent option to non-invasively address body contouring and skin tightening.