Brown Age Spots On The Hands, Face and Chest

Many patients request treatment of cosmetically unacceptable brown spots on the face, neck, chest, arms, dorsal hands, and on occasion, the legs. These brown spots represent a variety of different dermatologic skin lesions, including solar lentigines (related to sun exposure), “actinic bronzing” (related to chronic sun exposure), epidermal growths and brown birthmarks or so-called CafĂ©-Au-Lait spots. Many of the devices utilized at Aesthetica safely address brown spots on ethnic skin as well.

Multiple pigment specific lasers are available for the treatment of brown age spots at Aesthetica.  The device used will depend on the type of brown spot being targeted and the individual patient. The availability of multiple brown spot devices allows us to select the latest and best device available for your skin.  The Excel V KTP mode and the pigment handpieces of the VBeam® Perfecta are used for treating certain brown spots that require longer pulsed lasers. Some of the devices available at Aesthetica include Palomar Icon Max G™ hand piece, the Lutronic® Spectra Q-switched™ 532 hand piece, and the Sinon™ Q-switched Ruby hand piece. The Sinon ruby laser also allows Aethetica to offer treatment of multiple seborrheic keratoses.