Laser Hair Removal

Removal of Unwanted Hair

Laser hair removal replaced previous painful, and less permanent, treatments for the removal of unwanted hair. Dr. Vasily was one of the first physicians in the United States to perform laser hair removal and actively participated in the development of effective treatment parameters for this procedure. With the ongoing care received in conjunction with state of the art laser treatments you receive, you can expect to have highly successful hair removal results. Currently we are using Palomar’s Icon™ system as our primary system at our Bethlehem, Pa offices. The Icon system utilizes the revolutionary SkinTel system that performs exact pigment typing that allows for optimized and safe laser parameters. Dr. Vasily was instrumental in the research and development behind this  device and holds a patent on the laser removal of hair using a pigment measuring device. The long pulsed YAG laser is reserved for resistant hair in patients with darker skin types

Other available lasers for hair removal at Aesthetica include the Spectra Q-switched YAG laser for so called laser waxing or more temporary hair removal. Dr. Vasily is involved in ongoing clinical research to further enhance laser hair removal devices and optimize both treatment parameters and procedure safety. Dr. Vasily has patented a device that reads human skin color. All laser hair removal treatments at Aesthetica utilize this device to allow safe and effective removal of unwanted hair.

Laser Hair Removal at Aesthetica

Facial Laser Hair Removal at Aesthetica