Leg Veins and Spider Veins

Discolored, swollen, or otherwise prominent veins are unsightly, and can also be of medical concern. Spider veins typically appear on the face or legs, and inherit their name from the blue or red spider web shape they take. Dr. Vasily has a number of lasers for treatment of leg veins and spider veins at Aesthetica including the visible light V-Beam® Perfecta pulsed dye laser and Palomar’s Icon™ System. A number of long-pulsed YAG lasers,  the Cool Touch Varia V3 laser, and Cutera Excel V laser are also utilized in treating leg veins.

Dr. Vasily and his laser colleagues had considerable input into the design and clinical development of the new Varia™ laser for leg veins and have served on expert panels on use of the Excel V for the treatment of leg veins. Dr. Vasily's clinical photos on the treatment of leg veins are used in brochures by Cutera for the Excel V and Syneron/Candela for the VBeam Perfecta on leg veins.