Microneedling at Aesthetica

Microneedling is one of the newest non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatments available today. This treatment uses ultra-fine needles that pierce the skin causing a controlled injury; this injury then triggers the body’s wound healing response. As part of this response, blood flow to the area is increased, bringing with it its healing properties. This results in an increase in collagen and elastin production which in turn improves skin tone and texture, provides tightening of the skin, softens lines and wrinkles, and improves the appearance of scars and stretch marks.

In addition, microneedling creates micro-channels in the skin which stay open for a period of time following each treatment. While these micro-channels are open, topical rejuvenating agents that are applied to the skin will be absorbed more readily, and in turn will have a more therapeutic effect on the skin.  

Dr. Vasily believes in the power of treatment with microneedles and offers 4 different levels of microneedling treatments at Aesthetica.  He customizes each treatment plan based on a patient’s specific needs.

Level 1: DermaFrac™
DermaFrac is a microneedling system that incorporates suction and the infusion of a serum into the skin. It is less painful than other microneedling systems and does not require numbing before the treatment.  Various serums that can be infused include a clarifying serum, lightening serum, peptide serum, HA serum, or Growth factors. Protein rich plasma (PRP) can also be infused with this system.
Improvement in the skin’s quality, texture and tone skin will be seen after 1 treatment; continued treatments will show the improvement that results from product infusion into the skin.
Everyone is a candidate for this treatment.  A series of 6 treatments can be done every 2-3 weeks, or on a monthly basis. The cost is $185 for each treatment.

Level 2: Skin Stylus®
The Skin Stylus® Microneedling System is an automatic needling device that creates vertical microchannels in the skin by means of a vibrating, impact insertion motor that quickly inserts the microneedles to a predetermined depth. This vibration requires much less force to achieve the depth of penetration, resulting in less tearing of tissue.

In addition, an Airstylus® Nebulizer uses soothing pneumatic pressure to propel the Skin Stylus® topicals through the microchannels. Numbing is required before this procedure for your comfort. 
Various cosmeceutical serums can be used with this treatment. Included are C E Ferulic, Hyaluronic Acid (HA) serum, and a brightening serum.

For skin rejuvenation, treatments are done every 4-6 weeks for 4-6 treatments. Maintenance is 1-2 times/year. A full face treatment costs $300 for each treatment.
Level 3: Vivace™
The Vivace is an FDA-cleared RF microneedling device. It delivers a controlled fractionated bipolar RF current (heat) into tissue via 36 microneedles. In addition red LED light is delivered to the tissue, promoting cellular rejuvenation. The end result is a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, and subtle contouring and tightening of the area treated, i.e. the face, neck, décolleté, the back of hands, and/or small body areas. Vivace can give these results with minimal pain and with minimal or no downtime.  Numbing is required before this procedure for your comfort. 
Treatment with Vivace consists of a series of 3 treatments performed every 4-6 weeks. A full face treatment costs $750 for each treatment.
Microneedling Results at Aesthetica
Right after any microneedling procedure, patients can expect the skin to glow. Over the course of a few weeks, a patient can expect to see a marked improvement in the skin’s color, tone and texture. In addition, there should be a reduction of lines and wrinkles. You can continue to improve up to 6 months following the initial treatment. You can repeat a treatment as needed to maintain results.