Post-Traumatic Scars

Dr. Vasily was one of the physicians who pioneered use of fractional lasers for scar revision, and his research has been published and presented at National meetings. Dr. Vasily's photos have been referenced by doctors around the world, and were published in the May 2012 Edition of Allure magazine regarding scar revision. You can read more about Dr. Vasily' s groundbreaking laser scar research at

One area of ongoing research at Aesthetica is the treatment of post-traumatic scarring from motor vehicle accidents, surgery, burns, dog bites, etc. Prior to development of these new techniques, very little could be done to improve the texture and color of these scars. Dr. Vasily is currently utilizing a variety of lasers to treat scars with laser skin resurfacing.

The results from treating these surgical scars have been quite dramatic with significant textural improvement and restoration of pigment (color) to white scars. Dr. Vasily works closely with other dermatologists and physicians in the area to treat post-traumatic scars in their patients.

Multiple lasers are utilized for the treatment of post-traumatic scars depending on the type of scar and individual patient. Some of the lasers used include the Candela V-Beam® laser which is a pulsed dye laser, Palomar Fractional 1540 series and Erbium handpieces; the Lutronic® Fractional eCO2™ laser.

Treatments for Scars at Aesthetica