Laser Tattoo Removal

Since 10-15% of the US population have tattoos, requests for laser tattoo removal are increasingly common. Tattoo removal involves a significant amount of time and cost investment for patients. 

Tattoo removal is more of an art than the actual creation of the tattoo. It takes years to know exactly which laser is the best for your particular tattoo. Dr. David Vasily is a board certified dermatologist who has spent his entire career researching the best in laser medicine. Aethestica Cosmetic & Laser Center houses not one, but several technologies that can be utilized in combination for the most effective ink removal.

Aesthetica uses a state of the art tattoo removal laser known as the Sinon™ QS Ruby laser.  This laser has been shown to be extremely effective in removing otherwise difficult to remove ink colors such as green, blue, brown, resistant black and navy blue.

Dr. Vasily is currently involved in the development of new, groundbreaking tattoo removal devices and techniques that show great promise.

Before and After of Laser Tattoo Removal

Removal of Star Tattoo