A "Go To" Device

Dr. David Vasily is a nationally known laser expert. When he brings devices into his cosmetic practice, Aesthetica, he evaluates with a scientific eye. His Viora V20 is a go to for laser hair removal, skin rejuventation and many other treatments.

Laser Hair Removal and MUCH More

Aesthetica Cosmetic & Laser Center in Bethlehem was the first laser center in the Lehigh Valley. Dr. David Vasily, the medical director, explains why it's vital to have multiple devices to treat everything from hair removal to spider veins.

Age spots? Liver Spots?

More formally, they're known as seborrheic keratosis.  Dr. David Vasily has found a way to treat them with laser.

Why We Don’t Treat Tanned Skin

Dr. David B. Vasily and the team at Aesthetic Cosmetic & Laser Center in Bethlehem can target fine lines and wrinkles, spider veins and many other issues with their wide range of lasers.  BUT a tan can be trouble.

Tattoo Removal Rating

Dr. David Vasily and the team at Aesthetica Cosmetic & Laser Center prides itself in being the Lehigh Valley's premier tattoo removal center.   Dr. Vasily has decades of experience in laser technology and has the most up to date, cutting edge equipment.

Aesthetica Review

Another glowing review for Dr. David Vasily at Aesthetica Cosmetic & Laser Center. Cosmetic dermatology appointments are available by calling 610-861-9469.

Randi's Five Star Rating

Another five star rating for Aesthetica Cosmetic & Laser Center in Bethlehem, PA. Dr. David Vasily is Medical Director.

Hair Removal at Aesthetica

Hair removal is one of the original core treatments at Aesthetica Cosmetic & Laser Center. Dr. David Vasily has a number of lasers to treat all types and colors of hair.

Infini RF Microneedling at Aesthetica

Aesthetic is proud to introduce one of our newest treatments, Lutronic Infini™. The Infini is a radiofrequency microneedling device for treating laxity, wrinkles, active acne, large pores, oily skin, acne scars, other scars, hyperhidrosis and stretch marks.

HydraFacial at Aesthetica

Aesthetica Cosmetic & Laser Center proudly offers the HydraFacial®. This non invasive treatment offers deep cleaning, exfoliation, extractions, and hydration. The procedure provides instant results.

No Downtime Procedures at Aesthetica

Dr. David Vasily and the team at Aesthetica Comestic & Laser Center in Bethlehem, PA offer a wide range of no downtime procedures.

Excel V Laser Treatment for Spider and Leg Veins

Dr. Vasily explains the use of the Excel V device for the treatment of spider and leg veins.

Viora Reaction is available at Aesthetica Cosmetic and Laser Surgery

Dr. Vasily introduces Viora Reaction, Now availble at Aethetica. 

Multiple Lasers Available at Aesthetica

Learn about the various laser options available at Aesthetica.

Welcome to Our Practice

Dr. Vasily welcomes you! He discusses his background, the history of the practice, and the advanced technology in use at Aesthetica.

6ABC at Aesthetic Cosmetic & Laser Center

The Healthcheck team from 6ABC in Philadelphia spent Wednesday afternoon with Dr. David Vasily while he showed them how he performed his laser procedures.

Aesthetica Consultations

If you are a first time patient at Aesthetica, this video, featuring Dr. Vasily, will describe what you can expect from a new patient consultation.

Botox Tuesday at Aesthetica

Each and every Tuesday is Botox Tuesday at Aesthetica Cosmetic & Laser Center. Hear why Dr. Vasily carves out a special day for Botox and Juvederm patients.

David B. Vasily, MD awarded the 2012 Comenius Award from Moravian College

The Comenius Alumni Award recognizes an alumna or alumnus for outstanding achievement in her or his field of work. The Moravian College Alumni Association is pleased to present David B.Vasily '71 with the 2012 Comenius Alumni Award in recognition of his exceptional career as a physician, research scientist, and businessman.

Expert Tattoo Removal at Aesthetica

Tattoo removal is more of an art than the actual creation of the tattoo. It takes years to know exactly which laser is the best for your particular tattoo. Dr. David Vasily is a board certified dermatologist who has spent his entire career researching the best in laser medicine. Aethestica Cosmetic & Laser Center houses not one, but three different technologies that can be utilized in combination for the most effective ink removal.

Payment Options at Aesthetica

We offer a wide variety of procedures at Aesthetica Cosmetic & Laser Center. Many require a series of treatments. Here are the payment options we offer to allow you to take advantage of our services.

Procedures at Aesthetica Laser and Cosmetic Surgery Center

David B. Vasily, MD talks about the procedures available at Aesthetica and who performs them. Learn more about our procedures and devices we use for treatment.

New Skin Tightening Procedure

The advanced new Exilis radio-frequency based skin tightening procedure available at our office offers tremendous benefits to our patients. Hear the story from an actual patient.